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Summer 2011 – Week #6 Review

So another weekend update…
  • I moved into a new place. No more couch-bed for me!
  • Learned how it really feels to whittle down to an MVP, and try to keep it an MVP
  • Attended the Anybots open house. The tech wasn’t terribly exciting (and this Anybot shoots flames from its head!) but talking semi-shop with the employees was fun.
  • Hit up another Less Wrong Meetup, and had a good enough time to miss my train (I’m really sorry guys)
  • Hacker Dojo Happy Hour! I was somewhat apprehensive that it’d be only uber-geeks, but there were plenty of higher-functioning geeks too
  • Read some more Russion SciFi by Lem, Tales of Prix the Pilot. Thought the ending stories lacked focus? This was brought on by the recent news that Solaris had been re-translated directly from Polish, but only in audio form #yes #Yes #YES
  • Hung out at Noisebridge, becoming dehydrated and anti-social enough that I’ll have to hit it up again to get a fuller experience. However, did get good work done

Work is excellent, and going into the 3rd week I might actually start being useful.

And that’s a wrap! I promise (semi-sincerely) that I’ll have *something* document-able by next update, instead of using all my free time socializing and goofing off. Geez, if I keep up the no-project output, readers might even get the impression that I’m a normal blogger and will soon start posting cat pictures.

Not that there’s anything wrong with posting cat pictures.

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