Macros and Continuations

I get scheme continuations and macros. Kind of, not quite enough to get the involved examples that abound, but I can probably follow them now. And I got a timbuk2 bag; it’s a bit big, but more volume can’t be bad. Anyways, still casting about for a name of sorts. Rawr on homework.

New Projects

Since I haven’t had any complaints about my last release yet, I’ve been thinking about my next project. More than a few of my REU prospects have fallen through, so I’m going to need to make everything count. I can either: Mash up that registration system I’ve been dreaming about. Put together that differential equations […]

Set Version 2

So, I’ve decided to not go with the more traditional major.minor.fix versioning, especially since I don’t ever expect to have more than a few versions on this. Hence, version 2, a mostly bugfix release so that it actually works. Once again, here’s the source, and a binary. Once again, grab the binary if ‘wxpython’ fails […]

Squishing bugs

So, squished another bug, for my non-existent git followers. Also, determined that using scheme for my program of insanity is not going to be the easiest thing in the world, not to mention I haven’t done any speed tests (now I check the computer language shootout…) and scheme is a bit slow for intensive computation […]

Work on set

So I think I squashed a good number of bugs, at least in the git repo version that I had on the server (if you wanna get the git sources, just clone git:// . And tell me how that goes). So, when I have more time, I’ll make up a binary release and test that […]


Well, apparently all the people that have tried out the set program have not been able to actually select sets. I suspect that I may have pushed out an old version of the program, in which case I will need to rectify that later. Now, I must find some time and peace to sleep.

Release Set 1.0

So, it’s been a long time in coming, but I’ve been reminded that I have not yet actually put the binaries or sources for my set clone up for anyone. For the impatient: If you have python and wxpython installed, you can grab the source file, which is 17kb in size. If you have no […]

So all things come to a close

Effectively, my spring break is over. Technically, I have a few days left, but I need to leave tomorrow. For a quick review: I worked on my cooking abilities, which will be sorely needed sooner than later. I didn’t practice as much as I should have. I didn’t really get any composing done. Shame. I […]

Parts, but not

I ordered parts (finally), but failed to really compose anything. At all. Win some, lose some? Note that it is friday ‘already’. (I have two new programming projects to keep me busy: not only do I have to revamp the server, I need to write some flash-card software)

Goals for afternoon of 19/3/2009

In the next few hours, I’m going to try to get the next few things done: Practice Compose a bit (at least get some themes down or in my head) Shoot out my REU personal statement for proofing Cook a bit (practice so I won’t die next year) If I have time, I can finish […]