Unified Diffs?

Just to make sure I’m alive: The unified format for diffs seems like the one that can fit my needs best.  That is all.


Not only do I not have a life, I have found some answers to my problems, which only makes everything harder (although it is nice having something to do). First order of business, getting a diff function that will do diffs on multiple, possibly broken copies of a document (ezlo business). Modeling: there are a […]


So, I woke up after a few hours of being in love with O3D, and now I’m looking forward to getting my server back up and running this weekend. I also just found out that Pandora  added classical music a while back. Cool, but not cool at the same time,  if you know what I […]


I admit, I am a whore of commerce. Despite my appreciation for those that do startups, I am still a sucker for stuff from Google. Google search, Google Chrome, and now Google O3D. It is very possible that I’ll forget about O3D soon (like when I discovered OpenGL) but for now, I am in love. […]

Dance like no one is watching

Sing like no one is listening.  Think like there is no god. And above all… Fart like no one is smelling. That is all.

On Theft

Well, I’ve just had a pile of my shit jacked (put oh-so-eloquently) including my laptop, my cell, and my ipod. Those things represent good man-hours put into customizing and tweaking configurations, all to the end of some guy walking into the suite when I’m busy showering and taking it all. Well, I suppose it’s the […]

Ezlo Update #4

Yes, I should be doing homework and labs instead of this, especially since it’s highly unlikely that ezlo can go into production before the lab cycle ends, and I don’t have a reason to have collaborative latex later. Well, not that I can see. It’ll always be nice to have a latex working somewhere online.  […]

Ezlo Update: #3

My hair is very, very short now. As opposed to poke-myself-in-the-eye hair, I now have tenth-of-an-inch hair. This will take some getting used to. On an unrelated note, I’ve moved ezlo to my main server configuration, so that it’s not just up whenever I’m working with it. Unfortunately, the filestore I was using to make […]

Ezlo Update: #2

So after some 4 hours of hacking (it’s the small stuff that trips you up, like mapping the values of a hash to a list), I finally rolled my own OpenID login. I still have yet to figure out how to do concurrent editing well… Oh well, still have a bunch to do with ezlo […]


So, I’ve completely changed directions, and have taken on a long standing project that I have been meaning to do for a while. My server has been sitting empty for a bit (aside from the set files it’s been hosting, and my git repos), so I decided that, while working on the physics lab today, […]