Despite being about Apple geeks, I am afraid that I’ve read the entire backlog of Applegeeks in one night.

Shapshot: Kimota v0.2

Just to keep abreast of the latest development stuff, some actual information inside the app! Now, it’s time to get the rest of the information and speed up the app, especially scaling and startup. Oh, and here are the actual goods. Tested with firefox and webkit under linux.


Why yes, I have been maintaining blog silence recently: the primary reason being that I am a giant slacker, and the secondary reason being that posting without having anything to say is kind of depressing. Perhaps I should go read some books to expand my mind. Or not. The real reason I’m posting this is […]


I have made my peace with mushrooms. The edible, non-trippy kind. That is all.


For posterity, when I was talking about ‘doing things right’ in my last post, I meant how I was connecting users and documents: originally, I just assigned a user id to a document, but that kind of defeated the point of a collaborative web app. So, I just made up a new table that connected […]

Stupid, stupid

Instead of sleeping, I’m working on ezlo. Blah. At least I bit the bullet and now I’m doing things right. Also, safari feels fast. Just thought I’d comment on that.