Port 80!

After all these years, I finally have a http server that connects on port 80. Go me.

Input/Ouput ratio

For the amount of time I’m spending on one project, I’m getting very little output…

Twitter, Voronoi Diagrams

So I’ve gotten into twitter. Enough said. I’m also trying to generate voronoi diagrams. NOT WORKING OUT SO WELL.


So I’ve taken it upon myself to fully quantify the animation’s code name to tno.anim3. New HD render can be found at http://i605.photobucket.com/albums/tt138/thenoviceoof/anim3/planet3.png, where I’m experimenting with a somewhat downsized HD rez, and trying out the day/night paradigm. Also, read some Lovecraft today, while also rediscovering a major weakness of mine. I took on a […]

Ezlo Update #w/e

Started building the template engine, not sure whether to just push it into the brew interface or not. Finished chrooting the goods: the images stack is almost finished, just can’t figure out why the conversion to eps is failing. I’ll figure this out, and call it a day/night: I have a pretty big headache right […]

Ezlo Update: #5

So I spent a bit of today hacking on ezlo: I got the file uploads to work, realized that I was only imagining a bug, and started added template support. Works in progress: evaluating BSD as a potential platform for the server, since I’ve been chrooting ezlo’s latex processes, so users can’t craft latex files […]