Ezlo Update: #5

So I spent a bit of today hacking on ezlo: I got the file uploads to work, realized that I was only imagining a bug, and started added template support. Works in progress: evaluating BSD as a potential platform for the server, since I’ve been chrooting ezlo’s latex processes, so users can’t craft latex files to probe the server. However, there’s a very interesting way to break a chroot detailed at http://www.bpfh.net/simes/computing/chroot-break.html. Although latex wouldn’t be run as root, BSD might be a stronger, more secure system overall (especially openbsd, whom I have discovered have a song and artwork to accompany every major release. Seriously). Another work in progress, although it’s a bit a trivial: getting the ctrl-s combo to save. Actually, deciding whether to do this means deciding how the update mechanism is going to work.

I also found out today that the third season of the big bang theory had begun.

Just as a heads up, I’m also working on generating 2-d and 3-d voronoi diagrams, generating fast noise (perlin or otherwise, essentially, going for a plasma) for a game, and working through an abstract algebra text.

Also, Up has 98% on rotten tomatoes. Very sweet. Which reminds me that I’ve made no progress on my animation thus far. Shoot. (need a codename for that project).

Also, I’ve decided that I need to be more humble, jobwise. I read in The Rest is Noise that Glass worked as a plumber, so much so that a music critic wondered what a cutting edge composer like Glass was doing on his kitchen floor. I immediately thought “cool! That’s pretty anti-establishment, shocking, something unexpected.” However, with serious introspection, I realized that I think I’m above some jobs, including but not restricted to plumbing. Somehow, because I, say, play the violin and code, means that I’m exempt from certain ‘lowly’ jobs, like flipping hamburgers. But, I’m not: just because I’m insecure in being unsure whether the world will remember me for my work, not for flipping hamburgers, doesn’t mean that my time has become more valuable, that I need to fulfill my needs and dreams before I can accept humble jobs with the knowledge that I’m above them. I guess no one really made it clear that I need to think of my time as worthless before it gains worth.

A quick note, while we’re talking about composers: I watched Children of Men again, and noticed almost all the music was coming from sources inside the film (sidenote, I wonder how we’ll explain the use of ‘film’ to refer to movies to our kids). The few times there was something akin to a soundtrack, the music was always previously composed: in fact, the entire film used previously composed music. I thought the use of Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima (which was in fact a politically oriented name used for the piece after the first performance, one of the many things I learned from The Rest is Noise) was especially pertinent, as well as the use of Shostakovich.