So I’ve taken it upon myself to fully quantify the animation’s code name to tno.anim3. New HD render can be found at, where I’m experimenting with a somewhat downsized HD rez, and trying out the day/night paradigm.

Also, read some Lovecraft today, while also rediscovering a major weakness of mine. I took on a particularly long short story of Lovecraft’s, and while modeling a lilypad called to me, I couldn’t stop reading. It was not a matter of suspense, or, after reaching the halfway point, interest, but I just need to finish what I start. Although, I must say it has an interesting plot ‘twist’; I must also say that, as written some time ago, is much more long winded than I am used to.
I also got my recert’d sansa today; 16gb View. Not bad at all, especially since there’s a GSoC participant working on a rockbox port. Here’s to a successful, and quick port.