web dev

[Note: everything before this post was made on blogger.] I miss git. Specifically, I miss the commits at the end of the day, that sort of self-documentation and wrapping up the day, instead of forgetting about the struggles that have come before. Blah.


How much do templates matter, in the grand scheme of things? Currently, the vision for ezlo templates is big. Huge, maybe. And I’ve just realized that it’s going to take a while to implement the sort of quasi-social aggregation system that I want to help advanced latex users to help the beginner latex users. I […]

Ezlo Images

Images work pretty well; they’re styled hideously, but insertion with png’s works. I probably should use the file handling utils that ruby comes with, but that’s for later…

Voronoi, and Ezlo

So I’m kind of ish done with voronoi; at any rate, I’m doing a simulation with a huge number of points, so whether or not it’ll come out any good is still to be seen. I’m leaving a problem with gen_verts(), though, which is bothersome: if I ever get bored, I’ll go fix that. I’ve […]


I swear, writing algorithms suck, and I don’t want to see one for a while. Yeah, take that, you sucky algorithms.


Well, I’m hooked on ignite.