Classy: Bach and Mozart

I’ve been wondering how to apply agile-esque¬†methodologies¬†to things outside of programming, especially since I’m not that great of a programmer. To recap, agile (or what agile means to me) is the mindset that releasing content early and frequently yields better results than finishing and polishing something you release/perform once in a great while. It would […]

Anim3 – Inspiration

To kick off the visual arts section of the blog, I’ll outline some of the inspiration behind anim3, the third serious animation I’ve started with an intent to release. First, there is the widely read ‘Le Petit Prince’, or The Little Prince. Specifically, the world he inhabits served as a sort of model to the […]

Coilgun – v.0.2

So, I finally got around to pushing out this update… We have a second iteration of our coilgun, which was mostly put together and worked by my friend Clinton. For quick specs, we used thicker wire (21 gauge), more wraps over less area/layers (who-knows-how-many-layers over maybe 2 inches on a maybe .2 inch pipe versus […]

An End to Woes

So, just to follow up with my gripes about Ubuntu, it turns out that upgrading was the cause of my troubles. Doing a couple of clean installs (first to find corrupt libraries killing init within 3 seconds of boot, second to find I had installed x86 inadvertently, and the final one to get x86_64) got […]

Quick Ubuntu gripe

So I’ve been having troubles with Ubuntu for the last few days: first, upgrading the desktop causes a cyclic restart after logging in: sound is broken again, as I remember putting good hours in making that work: and now I couldn’t find the command to upgrade without a gui. For someone concerned with gaining some […]