Windows 7 – Now with more verts!

For posterity, I will now record my actions that resulted in the installation of Windows 7 to my hard drive. Listen closely, for it is a sad, sad tale. Maybe not so sad: the XP install I had was showing it’s age as boots took minutes and things were just generally slow. And since Windows […]

Windows 7

So, I installed Windows 7 this morning. Or was it yesterday night? Or yesterday morning? At any rate, one thing led to another and I finally got here, where I have a working windows 7 and kind of working ubuntu. Unfortunately, I learned about cp -aR too late, and now I have a whole installation […]

EZLO Engines

I’ve just added the choice to build a pdf with either pdftex or vanilla latex and dvipdf. Although they’re pretty similar, sometimes you want one over the other (pdftex doesn’t work with pst-circ, for example, or pdftex can take png images). Note: I have not overhauled the image system to deal with this yet. This […]