Midweek update – before the storm

Hi. The MCM starts in 2 days. I have to finish a paper and a bunch of lab questions before then, and I want to do at least one run through with my talk on maglev trains (as well as hacking S5 to auto-advance ala ignite), run at least one reprap part into existence, find […]

Tired Friday #3 – Arduinos, Breadboards, TP, and soldering

Okay, so friday, right. First, I edited an arduino program so that it should read a frequency from a spinning thing-a-ma-jig (look, I’m really tired for some reason), and adjust the power delivered to the motor that spins the thing-a-ma-jig with PWM. It depends on if we can get something to switch fast enough; transistor, […]


So, random blog post to gather up my ideas and dump core. Idea #1: Originally, lengths were measured with some arbitrary standard: then, we defined a meter as a millionth of the distance from the pole to the equator, since any sufficiently advanced civilization after us could redetermine what a meter was from the definition. […]

Screwing around on facebook

So, after this story, I swore that I would not write a story until I had some serious inspiration, since this story is pretty damn derivative. Well, I held out until today. Have my massively derivative story. Friend: is loading on the tea in hopes to avoid the sickness Me: Well, it started with the […]

Friday what?

Okay, so I have absolutely nothing to show for this Friday. I hung out with friends, and didn’t do anything productive other than burning bootloaders into 2 ATmega168 chips. And, I wrote a new story! Friend:┬áis reminded again that “to be lonely and to be by yourself is not the same thing.” Me: Ghosts, that’s […]

Story #3

Inspiration strikes, I post. friend: milky way > boys me: You don’t expect me to seriously believe that, do you? It’s not a question of belief, it’s a question of whether you’re capable of debriefing her. She’s covered around a million parsecs crisscrossing the galaxy over 90 of your years, so she’ll be out of […]