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The Wunderkind WorldWide DreamBuilders – A Critique

tldr: I’m annoyed by how a particular Amway marketing scheme works. I don’t like it. It’s been a semester (and a year) since it’s happened, and I still don’t like it. It’s not a raise-a-ruckus dislike, nor a taser-toting-demonstration dislike, but just a post-on-a-blog level of dislike, especially since no one else is talking about […]

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Post-apocalyptic textbooks and planetary isolation

So, I’ve been doing some thinking (surprise!); while we as a society worry about an apocalypse that forces us back to the dark ages, there is precious little done about it. It’s mostly just something to entertain ourselves with (I’m guessing that it’s also easier to write for, because if 99% of the population is […]

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Optimization of a Color Cycler

One of my projects in progress depends on the generation of different colored objects (Trust me, once I actually get a release pushed out, it will make sense (actually, I also need to push out a new iteration of my LaTeX editor. Note that I’m putting the name up for reconsideration)). First, I’ll define HSV […]

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Post-Break Update

So, I utterly fail at keeping my blog up to date over the time period when I had a decent amount of time. My break mostly consisted of either hacking on the bottleneck assignment problem solver (I’ve transitioned to a C++ based one from Python), trying to get my newly minted academic application system framework […]

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In lieu of an actual post, have a story

Have a story. Haven’t forgotten about that (yet). I’ll update with more information on everything later. The story’s about a woman talking to her imaginary friend. Had an interesting time noticing that I’m developing an idiosyncratic style. ————————— Status: “let it go…” Me: “Like this.” She dropped the stone into the pond, watching the ripples […]

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