On impossibilities and being merely human

So, it turns out that I didn’t get into Columbia’s Comp Eng program, but the EE program. I must have chickened out at the very at minute when applying and changed my major. When I look at what EE’s do for a living, though, I’m more and more convinced that it’s not what I want […]


First, I got into USC’s combined plan program. Second, I got into Columbia’s combined plan program. Third, PROFIT!!!!!!! (or extreme dancing) I’m pretty stoked right about now. I don’t have to go to USC, and I got into Columbia’s combined plan program for computer engineering (rather than the saner choice of electrical engineering). The only […]


I got into Cal Poly’s Robotics REU program! I’ll say it again! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Damn, I’m happy. Happier than winning the MCM (which is saying something). The MCM took only 4 days out of my life: this is going to put me in California, working with robots, for an entire summer. I’ll say it again. God […]

It's over

So… life. The reprap project is on the ropes: I spent a week cutting around getting 3.5 parts done. I have maybe 4-7 weeks left to finish it: the math just does not add up. My project partner is MIA, and Digikey is holding up my order for some reason, perhaps because I ordered a […]

Thoughts of a sleepy person

So, I pretty much got a minimal amount of sleep last nightmorning, and not a whole much more the day before that. So, I’m running pretty close to empty, but at least I don’t have anything big and wildly unfinished due tomorrow. Dumping core right now probably isn’t the best idea, but like drunk people, […]

MCM Followup

Well, well, well: guess who’s MCM team got a finalist designation! Meaning that we were in the top 1% of the MCM teams; unfortunately, I think that the lack of graphics in my section might have contributed to our failure to attain outstanding (right, so I’ll stop with the self-blame and try to maintain a […]