Reprap Project Update

So, it just occured to me that I haven’t updated on the status of the reprap in a while. Obviously, I didn’t finish the metal mendel, although my partner in crime is moving the project forward while he stays for summer school. I think the metal mendel will be finished by the time summer is […]

Irrelevant Thought about a Random Book

While starting to read through the Feynman Lectures, I thought of this: In Starship Troopers, a certain planet has less competitive wildlife because it happens to be orbiting a star that puts out less mutation-inducing radiation than our own star, with the hidden implication that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” However, a good […]

Farm Update

So, I’ve had some ups and downs in the 2 weeks since school ended. I’ll be focusing on one particular thing, which is the distributed computing cluster me and a friend set up to crunch through solutions to the optimization problem I’ve been looking at. Well, you may be thinking, you have a computing cluster? […]

[Facebook] Leeks and Home

Two-fer-one night! Status: I’m finally home. — Home. You should be happy you’re home. That’s what they said. That’s what they all said. They never had to come home to empty cities. Empty streets. Empty building. Empty people. He had to fight. Fight a war. All by himself. Well, that wasn’t true. The leeks were […]

[Facebook] Dream Chaser

Status update:┬áChasing after a dream! — “You’re what?” “Yeah, I’m a dream chaser. It’s my 9 to 5, you know.” Wiry smile. “Never would’ve thought you the type to go chasing dreams. What gives?” “You know me, I was always the deranged romantic,” he said with a bit of a smile. Of course, that wasn’t […]

Move to

Well, I finally got moved into an actual server. Hopefully I get to stick around! Edit: Oh, and the site is a LOT snappier, even when it’s in a completely different location.


Sorry about the broad title: I’m going to be talking about a whole lot of things. First things first, I’m almost done with this iteration of the academic school year! Exciting. The metal reprap is coming along: it’s coming along at a good clip, but man, if it makes it, it’s gonna be close. I […]

Holy Moly, It's been a while

Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here: since then, I’ve switched to being a comp eng major, got my financial aid stuff, and am probably going to Columbia. Fun times. However, it’s the first time that I’ve really felt the weight of the cost of my schooling. For some reason, I’ve never […]