California, here I come!… wait a sec

Oh, hi. I’m in California now, and it’s been way too long since I’ve made a post that wasn’t a story, and I’ve been in Cali for almost 2 weeks now and how can I call myself a blogger when I can’t even post when I dump my life upside down for two weeks? Hell, […]

[Facebook] More Sci-fi

Oh, hi, have a story. I’ll talk about California when I’m not cramming my head with tutorials, trying to be productive, or being depressed that I’m not productive. Something like that. — Status update: I don’t think I can ever get back up.. .. It had just been so *long* ago: it was years ago […]

Random Riff-Raff

AHHHHHH I went to metrix create:space and it is AMAZING. I was geeking out pretty hard, and actually ended up going there twice in one day: once to just take a look around with my friend, and again to attend makerbot night. Being in the presence of 4 printers in various states of function was […]


So, I couldn’t resist, so you guys get 3 stories on 2 nights. I had the idea before the status, and it took me a while to find a status to fit it. Enjoy! — Status update: In the middle of the country The clock tells him it’s in the middle of the afternoon, a […]

[Facebook] Ask me something, redux

So I really didn’t like that last story, so I decided to do another one. Hope this one came out better. — Status update: i’m super bored so ask me something [link] Beg your pardon? Yeah, that’s my super power. I know, it doesn’t sound like much… No, I mean, my hearing isn’t what it […]

The Tyranny of Creation

So I’m going to dump core, and whine and complain for a bit. Feel free to ignore, rebut, or burn. I think I’ve figured out why I can’t do anything: I switch context way too often. What I mean by switching context is switching from one task to another: for instance, going from sleeping to […]

[Facebook] Ask me Something

I’m not really happy with the way this one came out, but that’s what you get for 30 minutes, and when you write the ending line first. Anyways, it’s time to try and get a reasonable amount of sleep. — Status: i’m super bored so ask me something Who are you? It had been a few […]

Too much Sleep

I’ve been getting too much sleep. Sounds strange, no? Well, once you know that I’ve been sleeping through half the day (little less than 12 hours), then it’s not quite so strange. I’m sleeping way too much, and if I was getting 4 more hours of wakefulness into the day for a nice balance of […]