Book Reading Marathon

So a friend of mine recently-ish filled out one of those Q/A lists about books on tumblr, and it got me thinking about books I haven’t read, and it got me thinking. Specifically, one of the books mentioned happened to touch on an anomaly in my reading habits, one of the few books that I’ve […]

A Brief Catharsis

So, not 20 minutes ago, I decided something. I was very confused, and probably didn’t make the best decision. Nothing life changing, mind you (in the way that you don’t expect significant life changes from the mundane), but importantly character revealing. Have some background: I am still in SLO (San Luis Obispo), which is between […]

3D Printing as a Martial Art

Here’s a thought: similar to how martial artists strive to not use their skills, printmen should strive to not use their printers. Why do I say this? Well, printing is based on the idea that we can make any object our minds can think of, to fill needs that aren’t so easily met by the […]

Nunchuck Ninja

So I’ve been a lazy butt, and I haven’t been keeping up with my favorite pet blog as well as I should be. Over the last week or so, I’ve been screwing around with interfacing a wii nunchuck with my laptop. Have some videos: They’re pretty self explanatory. I’ve also done some work with moving […]

Why hello

I’m pretty wiped out, mostly from sitting and staring at a screen for most of the day. That usually isn’t a problem, but my old age is getting to me, gosh darn it, and I can’t just push myself like I used to. Where was I?… Oh, right, dumping core or something. I have blogger […]