Dear Pacific Northwest

Dear Pacific Northwest: How have you been? I’ve been good, acting as a vector for illness in Columbia has been fun. I think I got my roommate sick… whoops. Anyways, I have to tell you that while you’ve been close to my heart as a rain-filled moderate clime, I’m afraid I’ve found someone else. No, […]

Maker Faire

So Facebook chat is really dumb, and doesn’t save chat history. If it does, getting to it is non-intuitive, and it’s just giving me another reason to dislike (hahaha)¬†Facebook. As if I needed another reason. ANYWAYS Maker Faire was pretty damn awesome. I could leave it at that, but my god that would be a […]

Columbia and Brooklyn

I’m headed out to check out Alpha One Labs, a pretty inclusive hackerspace. Nyc resistor is another hackerspace that I want to check out, but they seem notably more exclusive, so I guess I’ll have to just wait until they hold a class to dig into their space. Only problem with Alpha One Labs is […]

Alright, one honeymoon over!

Sometimes I forget that I live in the real world, a world full of entropy and forces of nature, so it’s always good when small things like getting passed over for a job or not getting into a music program remind me about that. Getting my map out of sync with the territory is always […]

Blog me a river…

Well, I wasn’t planning on putting more than a week between blog posts, but I’ve realized it takes a whole lot of discipline to blog regularly. Sitting down and finding time to document life and riff on it is actually kind of hard, even for a shut in like myself. I suppose being in the […]