IROS 2010 post-mortem

Well, I’ve just had solid 3 days of awesome. I guess I’ll go to sleep, or something. But before that, I suppose I should tell you about what actually happened, especially since I didn’t actually tell you blog-followers yet. I was very lucky, and got to attend IROS, the awesome-cool annual IEEE robotics conference. I […]

Why Hello

So you should note that I moved the blog root, and I’ve figured out how to get my project documentation into wordpress. Not that I’ve actually done that, it might be a while before I get around to doing that. Before I lag too much in time, HackNY was pretty awesome. Coded up something semi-useful, […]

[Facebook] California

So, it’s been a REALLY REALLY REALLY long time since I’ve done a story, so I stayed up to 3AM to bring you guys this one. I’m somewhat out of practice, although no one might notice since the noise in quality is so much more than the signal. Ha. Enjoy! Edit: man, it’s really short, […]