New Laptop!

Oh hi. Since you’re reading this, you probably know that my old laptop died and refused to be resurrected without a bit of magical malarky involving increasingly higher sums of money. Being a good consumer, I decided I’d instead shell out for a bit better laptop, as my friend the lower-end Dell Inspiron was starting […]

Why Hello

I just whipped up a quick flyer generator for the ADI. It kind of works-ish, definitely needs more work/documentation/a github repo, but it’s good enough for a minimal viable product. Revision 2, the latest version, is over here. Why’s it named lolhawk? Well, it makes flyers; the first flyer is arguably the Wright flyer, which […]

2 Weeks

Without a computer to call my own. I can do this. Maybe.

Computer-less for 5 day… and counting

So, I’ve been without a personal computer for 5 days now, with at least another 4 days ahead of me, minimum. For someone that thought he lived and died by his computing power, it’s been surprisingly bearable. For a full accounting, my laptop’s video card fried, and it’s in the repair shop for at least […]

HackCU Tutorial

Hey! I wrote a tutorial over at HackCU, ADI’s tech blog for non-tech people. It’s about connecting to IRC. No blog post for a while, time to do homework.