End of Semester Review

End of Semester Review So it’s been a while. Sorry about that, I’ve been kind of… busy. And not the making-cool-stuff sort of busy, more of the oh-my-god-finals-are-coming-AHHHH-THEY’RE-ALREADY-HERE sort of busy. But now it’s over, and I’m essentially guaranteed all A’s and A minuses in the reported-to-the-registrar sort of way. That was somewhat surprising because […]

Botacon! or not…

Botacon is a robotics conference being held in Brooklyn, happening right now. It consists of a bunch of talks by people from robotics, like some dudes from Makerbot and Make magazine, which I was planning on going to. I say planning, because I’m not in Brooklyn: instead, I’m in my dorm. It’s quite unfortunate: these […]

Fire the Lazzzzzzz….

Holy crap am I tired. Suffice it to say that learning to use a laser cutter was pretty awesome: I now have a chassis for my clock, and a broken key chain QR code. Seriously, bass wood will not hold up to hiding in your pocket for half a day. First time at NYC Resistor, […]