Probabilistic Robotics

It’s been a long haul, but I’m done with Probabilistic Robotics, the beginning of my reading spree until the end of my time here at Columbia. If you don’t remember, I decided I should start a reading spree until I didn’t have access to the huge library at Columbia: hell, all that money has to […]

Programming FTW

So. My first phone interview. Didn’t crash and burn, didn’t do fantastically well either. Just so-so. One thing that got me thinking, though, is my off-the-cuff response to “tell me about an interesting project you’ve worked on recently”, to which I launched into a brief, somewhat tangled exposition on the Reprap project. Even as I […]

Pre-storm Update

School starts next week, so I figured I better get my thoughts into bits before everything unravels and I start to curse my life for no good reason. First, Sparkfun’s free day was yesterday! Unlike yester-year, I got $10 out of the melee, taking the loyalty money and just running for the exits. It amazes […]

Nathan and the ebooks of terror

Or books! I could have the top three books I was reading on me at all times, and just pull one out anywhere! I’ll never have to waste another minute of my life! What do you say, Professor McGonagall? – Harry Potter in HPMOR Now, I love the idea of e-ink ebook readers. Truly dearly […]

End of Year Review

Too late for an End of Year Review now. Oh well, it’s not like I had much to say anyways (At least, stuff that I haven’t already said or won’t say at some point in time). I whipped up an animation in too many weeks, tis on my youtube. Now… time to apply to internships! […]