Engineering Week Day #1 – Post-mortem

I have to say, I was definitely disheartened by the opening ceremonies of Engineering Week here at Columbia. After coming out of Devfest, I may have exorbitantly high expectations of student groups and the events they throw, but… well, I can’t justify away the way I felt about the event that happened 15 minutes ago. I’ll pick my […]

Hello Dear

It’s been a while. I know ours hasn’t always been the best relationship: I saw our time together fall to new lows, and now we can’t even see each other if we wanted to. Please understand, it’s hard to find the time to even think about you when you’re a world away. I don’t know […]

For no other Reason

Some forewarning: this post is going to be somewhat awkward. Okay, more awkward than normal. I’m not really announcing anything (it’s been around a week since I could’ve announced anything) and nothing is coming up (at least, nothing planned). However, it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve written anything, so I figured I should post something. […]