Summer 2011 – Week #6 Review

So another weekend update… I moved into a new place. No more couch-bed for me! Learned how it really feels to whittle down to an MVP, and try to keep it an MVP Attended the Anybots open house. The tech wasn’t terribly exciting (and this Anybot shoots flames from its head!) but talking semi-shop with […]

Summer 2011 – Week #5 Review

Okay, so I’ve been settling in for the last week, and a brief recap: Started work: somehow ended up doing computer vision, which I probably won’t touch after next week Found a place to live that is not a couch Tried Xmonad, the amazing tiling window manager Failed to hit up Noisebridge, or the San […]

Birds and Bees do this, too

Butterflies. A familiar flutter, deeply set, matching the flutter of probability. I know the numbers, but I can’t quite put my irrationality aside and face up the facts as I fumble for my boarding pass. So many people have died. Too many to ignore. Shuffling forward, shoeless, I contemplate. The TSA agents let these people […]

Summer 2011 – Week #4 Review

Attended some graduations Tweaked the Arimaa Icon set up to version 3 4 4.1 Attended a Classical Revolution session in Seattle Re-read Neuromancer Made progress on finding housing. I detest looking for housing. In fact, I detest looking for most anything. Failed to finish Halo: Reach Got to the Silicon Valley without dying Start work […]


I have rectified what I have previously noted as something negative. With less than a week of practice under my belt, I managed to not suck that much at a Classical Revolution session. I’m coming for you, anti-generality. And lemme tell you, it’s going to be a wicked battle. Count on it.

Summer 2011 – Week #3 Review

Tweaked/updated my Arimaa Icon set Got a job! Internship! Whatever you want to call it! Now I don’t have to rely on intrinsic motivators to get things done! Checked out Jigsaw Renaissance and Dorkbot-Seattle at the same time by failing to get to the Dorkbot meeting in time to see most of the presentations Attended […]