21 – … and a new beginning.

A biting cold, pressing crowds, a barrage of sound, hints of snow filtering past enormous buildings, a touch of music, a place to lay a tired head. Hello again, New York. I’m back.

20 – The End

And here I stand on a cusp, peering down into a squall . I myself, my core, will make it through: just as certainly, I won’t make it through unscathed, emerging a changed person. For the better? Let’s make it so.

19 – And Upward, Ho

A contrived world I find myself fallen into: a little light filters down through the haze, barely illuminating brazenly artificial structures that I must scale, to reach the overworld once more. My current guide brings forth a feeble light, and leads the way. Why this particular task is a rite of passing for our culture, […]

[15-18] – Okay, what?

You know what, I just wrote a ton of stuff covering some projects, like dod3catgraph and pensievr, and also documenting my time at Redwood Systems. I’m counting that as four days of writing, because it is a ton of writing, and unfortunately I’m the one holding the reigns in this particular regime. I still have […]

14 – Metapost: Oh god when will it end

Another week, another meta-review. No, I’m not going to do a meta-meta post. A Year in Review I have qualms about using lists as a lazy shortcut for miles of prose: however, I am a programmer, and as such will take lazy shortcuts whenever (including now). Thinking back to the writing of the post, I […]

13 – Winter Break Movie Reviews

What did I watch? Why? All these and more will be answered forthwith! Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol I know, I know, I’m giving money to the Scientologists, I’m sorry about that. However, I think I deserved a pass if not on the fact I just enabled the immaterial spirit of Ron L Hubbard to […]

12 – Late for a Job?

Upon reflection, I realize I had planned to have a job tied up much sooner, and not still be planning out my life after school going into my last semester. Or, perhaps I have a skewed sense of when it makes sense to hire people. Usual employees don’t plan out 8 months in advance when […]

11 – The Craft

I’ve re-blocked my list of procrastination sites. I’m starting to get back into the swing of making things, and these sites are preventing from getting my high. We’ll see if it helps: hopefully, I’ll release something small soon.

10 – Semester in Review

This semester is the first time I felt really panicked about my academics. Well, maybe there was that one time I actually failed a class back in high school, but it was over by the time I realized it, so there wasn’t much to be panicked about. The reason? I tried to not care as […]

09 – Resolutions

As is tradition, New Year, new resolutions. This year, I resolve to: Make some noise: I’ll code whether or not I put it down as a resolution, so I’m not worried about that. However, getting myself off the ground as a computer musician is a much more variable prospect, and it may as well use […]