[Review] Citizen Miami

Okay, I’ve put this off long enough. I’ve been meaning to post something about this for a semester and a half now, so I should just shove this out the door. If you’re interning in the valley, bikes are cool: the culture is bike friendly, and you’re likely not getting paid enough in a short […]

Check your Assumptions

NOTE: yes, I’m getting around to this 2 weeks after the fact. I have long-lived drafts, okay? If you haven’t been keeping up with tech news in a particularly frantic way, you might not have noticed that Google is changing their privacy policy. On one hand, this change will result in a somewhat longer policy, […]

[Review] Accelerando

After I finished Accelerando (yes! it’s free (as in beer)!) I could not stop the thought that sums it all up from cycling over and over through my mind. That was a mindfuck through my eyesockets. And it was awesome. Now, we happen to be on the internet: there’s nigh infinite amount of mindfuckery at […]

[Review] Visualizing Data

If you are not already acquainted with the works of Edward Tufte, you ought go fix that, especially if you happen to be a younger me that could use a badassery-boost later in life. Basically, Tufte encourages thought about data display beyond the usual “plot and run away” touted by most anyone, chides those that […]