Update on the Toljari Cycle

So you might have noticed that I haven’t posted the 3rd part of the Toljari Cycle yet. It turns out that I am awful at estimating appropriate settings for laser cutters, and as such have tried cutting 2 boards in as many days without success (with restricted access to the cutter at NYC Resistor). So […]

Toljari Cycle #2: Kabalevsky Violin Concerto #1 Mvt 1.

Since I decided to start off the Cycle just a week and a half ago, I didn’t really have time to throw together something fancy music-wise, so I had to make do with what I was already doing, which was re-learning the Kabalevsky. Why Kabalevsky? Well, it’s usually regarded as a student concerto, which is […]

Toljari Cycle #1: Pypi Packaging Party

Despite the date on the post, the Toljari Cycle started last week, not this weekend, but I didn’t know it at the time. Storytime: I thought I had enough time to get my ducks in order when I decided that to hell with it, I would kick off this regular release schedule one and a […]

Introducing the Toljari Cycle

In the previous installment, we saw our brave protagonist pre-commit to a regular release cycle, but then he dropped off the face of the Earth to wrestle with… well, something. I’m sure there was a good reason he stopped blogging after starting again after the longest break he had taken since the beginning of his […]