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ONCE upon a time, I was a student that typeset things in LaTeX. Ha! Ha! How quaint! you may already be thinking, at which point I should point out I’m still typesetting things with LaTeX, and I probably will still be typesetting things with LaTeX whenever you read this. At any rate, I soon grew infatuated with […]

EZLO+Google PDF Viewer

Google, being the benevolent giant they are, have made the api to their document viewer public. Upon realizing this, I added the option to view PDFs through Google rather than downloading a copy each time you wanted to check something. It works reasonably well, although you have to set your PDF to be public in […]

Fun Friday #1: EZLO Upgrades!

So, I’ve decided that every friday will be devoted to ignoring homework as much as humanly possible, and instead working on one of my side projects. So, today, I fixed the showing older document function (technically, actually made it publicly available), fixed the image handling so that it works with the dual LaTeX engines, and just did […]

EZLO Update

I’ve done some work on EZLO! The first time in at least a month! Even though I haven’t exposed the functionality, you *can* access your old stuff now. Also, I gave the login page a facelift and exposed the link to the quickstart. Now for outstanding issues: Diffs *need* to work. If more than one […]

EZLO Engines

I’ve just added the choice to build a pdf with either pdftex or vanilla latex and dvipdf. Although they’re pretty similar, sometimes you want one over the other (pdftex doesn’t work with pst-circ, for example, or pdftex can take png images). Note: I have not overhauled the image system to deal with this yet. This […]

Ezlo Images

Images work pretty well; they’re styled hideously, but insertion with png’s works. I probably should use the file handling utils that ruby comes with, but that’s for later…

Voronoi, and Ezlo

So I’m kind of ish done with voronoi; at any rate, I’m doing a simulation with a huge number of points, so whether or not it’ll come out any good is still to be seen. I’m leaving a problem with gen_verts(), though, which is bothersome: if I ever get bored, I’ll go fix that. I’ve […]

Ezlo Update #w/e

Started building the template engine, not sure whether to just push it into the brew interface or not. Finished chrooting the goods: the images stack is almost finished, just can’t figure out why the conversion to eps is failing. I’ll figure this out, and call it a day/night: I have a pretty big headache right […]

Ezlo Update: #5

So I spent a bit of today hacking on ezlo: I got the file uploads to work, realized that I was only imagining a bug, and started added template support. Works in progress: evaluating BSD as a potential platform for the server, since I’ve been chrooting ezlo’s latex processes, so users can’t craft latex files […]

Ezlo Update #4

Yes, I should be doing homework and labs instead of this, especially since it’s highly unlikely that ezlo can go into production before the lab cycle ends, and I don’t have a reason to have collaborative latex later. Well, not that I can see. It’ll always be nice to have a latex working somewhere online.  […]