This is my index of project documentation.

Note: I’m using a Year/Month/Day format, because it is awesome.


A month of drawing, learning how to use Krita.

2018 Site Redesign

Reworked this blog to have a fresh look and responsive design.

U2F Zero: Hobbyist Modifications

Modifying the U2F Zero to be easier to build for hobbyists.

noisEE: hardware

Creating a parameterized red noise generator in hardware.

noisEE: software

Finding a crowbar-parameterizable red noise parameter function.


Making a NAS that can fit in furniture.


A pretty frontend for nose, the python test runner.


Better command line scripting with Python.


Another binary-to-text encoding scheme, in the vein of base64.


Write encrypted files with PEP-343 with blocks. (no page)

Interactive Fractal Viewer

FPGA based, hardware accelerated fractal calculation/display. (no page)


PLT project, creating an implicitly parallelized JVM language rooted weakly in C and javascript. (no page)


Another attempt on the Reprap thing.

Flyer Generator/Poker

Flyer generator and poker. (no page)

Phone Glove Prototype

Photo gallery of a little phone accessory hack.


A one-stop graph for your github participation.


A mini-diary for the twitter age, backed by Evernote.

Level Up Template

How to level up as a developer and look good while doing it.

Redwood Systems

Summer of 2011, worked at a startup: good times within


Hacked on an audio tool similar to Reactable, based on Mozilla’s extended audio APIs

EFF – Know Your Digital Rights

EFF Flyer modifications

Bro Txt

Once upon a midnight weary, I came across a Twilio tarried…

CPU Cost Plots

Some data visualization of various metrics of costs of different CPUs; aka, fun with Protovis

Arimaa Icon Set

Better icons for the board game Arimaa

Hunch Punch

What if everything you loved… was trying to kill you??? In collaboration with Grant Kot, Mark Liu, and some input from Willie Neiswanger during the HackNY Hackathon in spring 2011

W3157 Submission Script

A quickie script to automate away the submission of labs for Advanced Programming (course W3157)

Gimp Spheremap Plugin

A plugin to solve a texture discontinuity in sphere maps

Facebook Tag Banner Generator

Gimp plugin to make a series of images suitable for upload and tagging into a banner using 5 images. Finished during Devfest’s opening hackathon

Cube Light Concept

Animation to illustrate a future project concept

Hacker Mapper

My entry for the HackNY hackathon, Fall 2010, attempting to solve a particular hackathon inefficiency

Tracking with AUVs

Just a blog post on my summer research

Bottleneck Assignment Problem

A little something I did for a swell professor of mine

Aluminum Reprap

Just a series of pictures of my work on a metal reprap


An online LaTeX editor


The only piece of code I still have from high school: a lisp program written for Thinkquest

What? That’s all?!

I was writing code before this time, but the code is lost to time, or I forgot wholesale about it, or I don’t want to inflict the world with horrendous formatting/techniques.