Switching to mongrel backend

EZLO so far has been using a fastcgi backend, with lightty up front. However, this hasn’t been the best of worlds, since the dispatch.fcgi processes would die at a certain time in the morning, and I couldn’t figure out how why or how to find out how (I got as far as trying to parse […]

Ott-lite Rev Eng: Part 1

I have an Ott lite, if you haven’t already guessed: I actually have two Ott lite bulbs, and one ott lite stand. Mostly people would go buy another Ott-lite stand, but me being the ornery cranky old person that I am, I decided to hack up my own stand to save on money, since I […]

Coilgun – v.0.1

As noted before, Ze Local Awesome-blowing-stuff-up club, of which I’m the Benevolent Dictator for Life, has created the initial iteration of a coilgun. Behold! I can already hear the complaints about the lack of video of the thing actually firing, but I have an excuse: our benevolent email-writer for life, managed to kill a vital […]

Coilgun – Initial firing

So, the coilgun fires! I will (hopefully) post with more information soon.

WordPress Theme – Version 0.0

So, following this helpful little guide on wp themes written by the dude with the scary, drawn on moustache (as of 2009/10), I’ve hacked up a quick little theme, which I may or may not wrap up and upload. If you’re reading this before I upload the next one, then you’re… staring at it. It’s […]


So, I woke up at 12:12 today. Which is bad, to say in the least. It speaks of my slovenliness, the sort of behavior which I want to avoid (sleeping 10 hours is too much. It might have been enough when I was younger, but I think, despite the fact that my development hasn’t dropped […]


So, I’ve just done what I always seem to end up doing every few fortnights or so, which is to tear through a science fiction novel as quickly as possible. I know it doesn’t do justice to a classic, but I seem to have a thing with picking up books and having to finish them. […]