08 – A Year in Review

It’s about that time of year again, when our culture collectively reflects on the past year. Or gets raging drunk, but I’m not doing that this New Years Eve. So, what happened? Got an internship at a “real” company, instead of applying for research positions like I had done the years previous. I started applying […]

07 – Metapost: Looking back on the first leg of a forced march

If I don’t review, then there’s really no point in keeping up the writing: hence, a brief look back and attempt at picking apart my writing. The Reluctant Gamer A bit forced: the paragraph containing “all work and no play” could have been cut, but I wanted to include every phrase I thought might be […]

06 – The Middle

I remember hiking through the woods, alone. Which is somewhat surprising, because I was part of a big group of Boy Scouts, which started off hiking through the wilderness in single file. Then those faster pulled ahead, and the slower ones fell behind, and I eventually found myself trekking through quiet glades without a soul […]

05 – Winter Break Game Reviews

I previously said that I would finish off LIMBO and then start doing productive things: this turned out to be a false statement. Instead, it turns out that I wanted to game a bit harder than that (and Steam sales are crazy), and hence broke some of the self-imposed constraints that I detailed in the […]

04 – Intentionality

That. I lack it. There’s a part of me that whines that I don’t have any basis for saying this, that I need more data before I start flinging these thoughts and applying them to myself, but I think I’m getting better at seeing myself justify in real-time (who came up with rationalization as a […]

03 – Shopping

A hammer of sensory overload, sailing through the after Christmas sales in a mall. Excited families, affectionate couples, clusters of children, a sea of humanity. I feel disoriented at times, garish tinsel and a wash of sound threatening to capsize my calm. I consider my options carefully, and we eventually make our way to the […]

02 – Christmas

An anticipation before unconciousness, abrupt awakening awareness, undignified scampering, tearing of presents, hefty portions of food, and the end of a day well spent with family. Being together in a special time of thanks and wonder; this is the magic of Christmas. When did we lose that magic? We’re all grown up, now, adults or […]

02 – Christmas [whoops]

Sorry probably currently non-existent readers, I didn’t start writing early enough (since I don’t yet have a buffer), and now I’m too tired to put out a semi-okay post, or even a barely coherent post. I’ll put together two for tomorrow/today, especially since I’m done with the sometimes infuriating LIMBO, and I can resist the […]

01 – The Reluctant Gamer

The first and second days: sacrificed to the gaming gods, they have. It was an easy enough pit to fall into, with what seemed to be a small niggling feeling that I “deserved to have a break”, and that gaming was the perfect way to spend that break. Then, after buying up some games (yes, […]

00 – So it begins

An approximation of a nightmare ends, and something new begins. Now that I have the time and the equipment, let’s do something new: Cook ALL the things: cook at least one thing a day. My cooking-fu is not nearly strong enough to survive on my own, so I need to level up quickly before I […]