Summer 2011 – Week #15 Review

Oh only one more week. Family Reunion! Wine-tasting and gun-shooting, not necessarily in that order. And eating. So much eating. Resolved to make up an Anki deck to keep my anti-religion rounds hot. The previous two entries might have something to do with each other, why do you ask? Cab vs. Uber: I got a […]

Summer 2011 – Week #14 Review

Oh god so much stuff to do. Reprap: stuff is happening. It’s really coming together. Family Reunion: hitch in the plans, currently on a short Family Reunion. But yeah, so many irons in the fire. Workin’ in 2 more weeks for the summer, and then it’s quench time.

Summer 2011 – Week #13 Review

The summer is quickly winding down: however, I have a ton of things to do, so it’s time to quickly wind up and start getting things done. But before I try going insane, I hit up Music@Menlo and their chamber music concert, catching their last concert. Really, it’s a shame I didn’t catch more of […]

Summer 2011 – Week #12 Review

Worked at home for the first time: needed to make a good impression with this whole demo thing Had a bacon cheeseburger pizza. It was deliciously decadent as it sounds It doesn’t look like I did much this week, but I have made progress on the reprap. Yeah, really, that’s pretty much the extent of […]