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For posterity, when I was talking about ‘doing things right’ in my last post, I meant how I was connecting users and documents: originally, I just assigned a user id to a document, but that kind of defeated the point of a collaborative web app. So, I just made up a new table that connected users and documents in a more flexible way, which took less time than I thought it would. I was pretty happy about it.

IE (6-8) is also not very cool about not letting me access the height of an element that I haven’t explicitly set a height for. Annoying, annoying, annoying. It’d all work so beautifully if it didn’t break like that….
EDIT: I have a new video up; it’s not a short, but it’s just a pos vid of me playing part of rach’s 2nd piano concerto. Enjoy!
As a bonus, here’s a vid that shows us all exactly how weird violinists are:
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