Nunchuck Ninja

So I’ve been a lazy butt, and I haven’t been keeping up with my favorite pet blog as well as I should be. Over the last week or so, I’ve been screwing around with interfacing a wii nunchuck with my laptop. Have some videos:

They’re pretty self explanatory. I’ve also done some work with moving the mouse with the nunchuck, but I haven’t actually gotten off my lazy butt and recorded it for a humiliating posterity yet.

The next step is to… do nothing with it. It’s very much less useful as a HID device than I thought it would be, to the point that I would curse working with such a thing if I had to use it as a mouse for every day activities. It might be useful as a gaming device (as Nintendo intended), but I can see the intention of the nunchuck as an accessory showing itself in such a function. So, it would be better to just use the entire Wiimote as an input device, or to use the nunchuck as a control device for the arduino itself.

In short: it was fun, but ultimately useless (as of right now). Having the functionality mapped out might prove to be useful later, but not yet.