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Full of Fail

So I told myself that I’d update every single day of break with something cool and interesting. So far, it’s day 5, and I’ve only put up one post, which is somewhat depressing and not that cool. However, it does not mean I’m not getting anything done: instead, I like to think that it’s just my effort allocation that’s screwed up, with a disproportionately large amount of effort going into school work, which at this point in time I would have liked to be ‘zero’.

I have been spending a lot of time on a programming project (make a webapp! make it do something like dropbox, but without the dropbox-y parts!), which probably sounds cool and interesting to someone that’s a budding CS major, but is intensely boring and tedious to someone that eats webapps on his spare time. This thing will never see the light of screens beyond a few graders, if that, and it’s written in Perl, which I hope I never touch again, and hence my motivation to work on it and make it decent is very low. However, my interest in making things well balances that out, so I’m ending up pouring lots of time into it. Damn you, perfectionism. I have other things to worry about, like nuclear wars and culture-ending epidemics.

A major time sink is re-designing a web framework from the ground up: while it’s being somewhat instructive, I’m taking a few shortcuts that a normal framework writer wouldn’t make, and it’s just annoying when I violate DRY (what?! You describe your schema in 2 locations? WHAT IS THIS???). But you didn’t come here to listen to me whine about my school projects, you came here to listen to me whine about my real life. Erm, or not.

But it’s time for me to whine about my real life, regardless. Despite my school work’s best efforts, I’ve been out and doing things. And that’s a wrap, folks!

Or not. A brief sampling: I finally got to NYC Resistor a second time, coming out for their hackathon, dipped my toe into the local rationality scene, and hung out with friends from out of town. Oh, and I got pie during Pi Day. That’s +30 geek points right there.

Anyways, I should finish this hairy beast of a school project, so I can actually work on things I want to work on, maybe read a few more books. Or get some sleep. Maybe.

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