Summer 2011 – Week #10 Review

Hit the teens! Almost only a month left, gotta go faster go faster go faster.

  • At the SVI hackathon, I ran a web server from my phone. Since this is obviously the pinnacle of my life, I can die happy
  • Went to a SF Symphony Concert. Solo cellist was less than spectacular despite his credentials, but the orchestra killed Tchaikovsky’s 4th Symphony, in a good way. Now I’m seriously considering hitting the SF again, for a dual Four Seasons concert (people seem to enjoy doing those?)
  • Participated in the World Series Of Hack, put on by Mozilla in the Computer History Museum. It was as awesome as it sounds, although I started the 12-hour hackathon already tired, and I felt like absolutely shit afterwards (really, why do I do this to myself?). However, we completed something (oh, that’s why), which I’ll try to writeup soon
  • I almost just now got my reprap kit in the mail (smaller than I imagined…). It’s time to put off pretty much every other project to finish this as quickly as possible, which is what I’m going to go do when I finish writing this

Surprisingly, I skipped both the Lesswrong meetup and Happy Hour in favor of a concert and the hackathon, right after I thought they were becoming regular things. We’ll see how next week goes.