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Can’t stop the music

First time in a long time I played violin in front of people, even if it was just for under a minute. Which means that I’m finally on the road to fulfilling a promise (made to an inanimate object, but really). We’ll see where I can take this: for now, I’ll publically pre-commit to releasing *something* violin created, every Saturday. Except there’s also the fact I want to release code on a regular basis, and there’s that hardware portion of my life that’s been stagnating…

So maybe that plan will mutate, and soon. But weekly releases! With accompanying blog posts, hot off the cuff! I suppose I’m making resolutions early?

And, I’ll cover what’s been going on the last… 6 months. But later.

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  1. Write code to power a mechanical bow that plays a violin creation. Problem solved.

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