Introducing the Toljari Cycle

In the previous installment, we saw our brave protagonist pre-commit to a regular release cycle, but then he dropped off the face of the Earth to wrestle with… well, something. I’m sure there was a good reason he stopped blogging after starting again after the longest break he had taken since the beginning of his blogging career (there wasn’t).

But lo! Here our tragic anti-hero comes stumbling from a cave, covered in akrasia and regret! No matter his filthy state: he has a leaf to turn, and no wind is going to flick around that large a leaf (even Hurricane Sandy didn’t do anything to it), so he might as well start building up his spindly coding arms so he can do non-epiphenomenal tasks again.

His first task is announcing a public, regular release schedule, so he can hold himself to it and have people ridicule him when he fails miserably. But surprise! He has already set one out, but in private (which kind of defeats the purpose), where each week will bring a deadline for a different sort of project, rotating among programming, musical, engineering, and visually artistic projects. In fact, he embarked on this schedule last week, but he doesn’t know this. Shall we find out what has been released, and what is being released, and what shall be released? Stay tuned for not one, but two posts in quick succession…

PS. What the hell is this “Toljari” business? Well, it’s a corruption of the lojban Toljgari, and if you’ve been following my github, you’ll notice that I’ve been naming an awful lot of projects after lojban lujvo. Nothing to be alarmed about yet, do make sure I’m not terminally geeking out when I start typing out my blog posts in Lojban though. And the cycle part is partially inspired from Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle, which is a pretty cool name, and why shouldn’t I have something epic in my life?