Toljari Cycle #1: Pypi Packaging Party

Despite the date on the post, the Toljari Cycle started last week, not this weekend, but I didn’t know it at the time.


I thought I had enough time to get my ducks in order when I decided that to hell with it, I would kick off this regular release schedule one and a half weeks ago. However, it turns out that what I was originally planning to do for my first coding release was pretty difficult, but I only realized this after I pushed the deadline to halfway into the week after when the release was due. So much for starting off strong. So now I’m just taking something else I’ve done codewise and plopping it in the release box, and hoping no one notices.

So, what’s in the release? Just two of my python libraries, base92 and encryptedfile, that I’ve finally packaged for pypi, so that now one can run pip install base92 or pip install encryptedfile and run code I’ve written. Squee. Going through this process did open my eyes to the fact that pip just plain does nothing to validate packages, though, which is a problem. Why? Well, when the “moar encryption” side of my mind meets the python-lovin’ side, there might be some energy release. Hopefully enough energy to fix pip package signing, or even more hopefully enough energy to get someone else to do it.

But yeah, getting a toehold in the python cheeseshop! It’ll have to be good enough for the next 3 weeks, so you take this release and you like it!