Toljari Cycle #1: Pypi Packaging Party

Despite the date on the post, the Toljari Cycle started last week, not this weekend, but I didn’t know it at the time. Storytime: I thought I had enough time to get my ducks in order when I decided that to hell with it, I would kick off this regular release schedule one and a […]

Check your Assumptions

NOTE: yes, I’m getting around to this 2 weeks after the fact. I have long-lived drafts, okay? If you haven’t been keeping up with tech news in a particularly frantic way, you might not have noticed that Google is changing their privacy policy. On one hand, this change will result in a somewhat longer policy, […]

Why Hello

I just whipped up a quick flyer generator for the ADI. It kind of works-ish, definitely needs more work/documentation/a github repo, but it’s good enough for a minimal viable product. Revision 2, the latest version, is over here. Why’s it named lolhawk? Well, it makes flyers; the first flyer is arguably the Wright flyer, which […]

Farm Update

So, I’ve had some ups and downs in the 2 weeks since school ended. I’ll be focusing on one particular thing, which is the distributed computing cluster me and a friend set up to crunch through solutions to the optimization problem I’ve been looking at. Well, you may be thinking, you have a computing cluster? […]

Optimization of a Color Cycler

One of my projects in progress depends on the generation of different colored objects (Trust me, once I actually get a release pushed out, it will make sense (actually, I also need to push out a new iteration of my LaTeX editor. Note that I’m putting the name up for reconsideration)). First, I’ll define HSV […]

Midweek update – before the storm

Hi. The MCM starts in 2 days. I have to finish a paper and a bunch of lab questions before then, and I want to do at least one run through with my talk on maglev trains (as well as hacking S5 to auto-advance ala ignite), run at least one reprap part into existence, find […]

Printing Envelopes with Cups and the P1006 [Redacted]

Although it’s not technically a hack, I put some good minutes and iterations into making this work, so here’s a system I cobbled together one late night, when the rent was due and my handwriting bad. Doing envelopes is not especially straightforward under Linux (as of yet). Open office does have an envelope wizard, but […]